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E1 Presentation at Asian Arts Market, Singapore, 3 june Esplanade,Singapore Website:


FortyFive Downstairs Fri-Sat 9-10 March @ 8pm and Sun 11 March at 5.00pm


The Crossing Presentation at Loch Island, Murray River, Mildura, 16, 17, 18 March

The Crossing is a performance event on Loch Island, Murray River, Mildura inspired by local stories about the island, the river and untold histories. This is a collaborative work which is a poetic and ritual performance about spirit expressed through dance and evocative cameos of new and untold stories gathered, translated and performed by the local Koorie dances and musicians and invited Victorian Butoh dancers. The work seeks to articulate shared histories in a marriage of both local and international performance art forms by re-presenting a history of the under represented past and present. It is a contemporary expression of the spirit of place that will symbolically weave and acknowledge overlapping histories.

The artistic objectives are to make a new performance artwork in creative collaboration with The NSW Tafe; Koorie Unit, The Victorian College of Koorie Education and the performance artist, Jill Orr. The work seeks to communicate to audiences and participants alike, through the earthed energy of dance and music in both Aboriginal and Butoh dance forms. Both forms focus on highly centred and emotionally charged energy, which is different and complementary enabling the creation of potentially powerful image making. The distinct dance forms will create the physical language used to articulate a culturally different historical and contemporary experience.


RIAU Cross-cultural, cross-medium collaboration in Gwangju, Sth Korea (Little Asia Creators Meeting) 21 Jan-11 Feb




Tramtactic Dance performance in a Tram with Yumi Umiumare, 6.40pm Fri 15 Dec from Fed Sq. Melbourne Website:

• 3As (showing) part of FULL TILT program the Arts Centre, Melbourne


• BB06 Six-Hour Performance, part of TERRAIN Multicultural Festival, Fitzroy Town Hall, Friday 10 November
Sydney Opera House Friday 24 and Saturday 25 November at 8.15pm Sunday 26 November at 5.00pm

September / October

• LACM (Little Asia Creators Meeting) South Korea – Cross-cultural, cross-medium project; Korea International Workshop Festival


• E1 toured Lombok Arts Festival, Bali and Yogyakarta


• E1 (Ether) as part of Accented Body - international, interactive, transcultural collaboration, Brisbane Arts Festival, Australia website:

"...Tony Yap's ether (E1), we moved back into a more grounded, yet spiritual realm. On a lawn at the bottom of a small amphitheatre, surrounded by a "virtual temple" made of closely spaced lengths of rope (by Naomi Ota), Yap performed an intricate, very absorbing piece based on Malaysian trance dance. Two musicians, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, and singer Ria Soemardjo, provided a haunting soundscape. ether (E1) was my favourite of all the installations, with its integration of site, music and dance." Ruth Ridgway