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tyc is an ensemble of culturally diverse independent artists. Each artist is accomplished in their individual field of artistic discipline. > The vision is to create a multi-modal form that is intrinsically international in its artistic language. The unique artistic language that we have created makes us effective representing an Australian-Asian experience in the contemporary arts. > The direction for physical dance practice transforms ancient shamanistic practice into a post-modern medium. > tyc foster and continue artistic and creative collaborations in the Asian region and to profile Asian Arts in an international context. They create work that is unique in that it allows evolution: they are constantly looking for a structure that allows spontaneity within structure, work that is always fresh and current and still within the original artistic framework.

“…exquisite…There are real lessons to be learned from the way Yap builds his work. Each element has its place and is given its time, allowing the audience to reflect and absorb the miltiplicity of meanings....The feeling was profound, the silence palpable.”

St Sebastian - Hilary Crampton, The Age



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Under one of these subheadings, it's a good idea to list recent updates to my site so that visitors, especially return visitors, can check out the new stuff first. For example, I could list the date and a brief description of the update.

I could also list updated news about my site's topic. For example, if my site were about a particular sport, I could discuss the outcome of a recent competition.

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Another idea for my home page's text is notifying visitors about the enhancements I put on my site. For example, I want visitors to sign my guestbook or fill out my survey Form E-mailer to answer questions about my site, my business, or my site's topic.

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I might not want a large amount of text on my home page if I want to guide visitors toward my other pages. Instead of text, I can add photos or interesting links. One of the first things I would want to do is choose a template that reflects what my site is all about. Colors and themes are a great way to reinforce the message and purpose of my site.

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Even if I don't put much text on my home page, it's a good idea to include hidden tools that will help me promote my site, so people other than my friends and family actually see it. For example, I could add meta tags, which are hidden codes that allow search engines to find my site. I could also install stats and a counter so I know how many people are visiting. If not many are visiting, submitting my site to search engines will guide more traffic to my site.